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Karin Ploog - Voicecoaching, english version, 116 pages

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Karin Ploog
Here youll find everything you need to know about developing your voice and a perfect breathing technique. All the exercises are
divided into beginner, intermediate und pro level so you can study according to your own level of abilities. This book will support you when having problems with your voice, get you working on interpretation techniques and deepen your musical understanding in general. Furthermore, youll get lots of tips and tricks, starting with warming up and continuing up to working in the recording studio. The author - renowned singer, university teacher and studio-voicecoacher - shows you the techniques and tricks of the pros in a clear and easy-to-understand way, complemented with lots of graphics and
anatomical drawings. Whether youre self-taught, a music student, or just using this book along with your regular studies - Voicecoaching will be a competent companion for every musical level.

116 pages, CD included
Format: DIN A4 / 8.3" x 11.7"
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